NACD Dots and Numerals Flash Cards


NACD Dots and Numerals Flash Cards

Quantity Concepts 0-10
DBL Developmentally Based Learning™
Math Module 1A

NACD Dots and Numerals Flash Cards are the first step in teaching a child to identify numerals 0-10, quantities 0-10, and in developing quantity concepts 0-10.

Contents: 55 two sided cards and instructions.

The set contains 55 cards, with five cards representing each quantity from 0 to 10. Each card has the appropriate number of random dots on one side and the numeral representing the quantity on the reverse side.

We have two versions of this product:

Printed Paper Cards (recommended): We recommend this version for anyone within the US or Canada and some other countries, where standard shipping is available.

Download Version: This option is available if you are outside the standard shipping areas and would require additional shipping and/or customs fees, such as those located internationally (outside the US or Canada).

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