TSI: Focused Attention 2*


*We strongly recommend completing Focused Attention prior to using the FA2 program. Focused Attention builds auditory attention and the ability to filter out distractions. FA2 builds on that foundation, requiring attention, filtering of distractions, plus processing of language meaning. Both steps are needed to get full benefit from these targeted programs.


  • Follows TSI: Focused Attention as Step 2
  • Designed to decrease distractibility
  • Training program to learn to listen and understand speech in background noise
  • Easy implementation
  • Available as an online download or on Compact Discs
  • Four different age levels to choose from (see note below)**

Choose from:

  • Focused Attention and FA2 Preschool (3-5)
  • Focused Attention and FA2 6-9
  • Focused Attention and FA2 10-14
  • Focused Attention and FA2 Adult (15+)

Choose format:

Focused Attention

  • CD set
  • WAV File Download

**Choosing the appropriate level for your child requires considering more than just chronological age. Think more in terms of their cognitive level. Content is based on what would interest a neurotypical individual at that age and be appropriate for their sequential processing level.

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