Myo Munchee


The Myo Munchee is an oral device that helps strengthen lip and facial muscles, helps correct breathing patterns and improves the health of teeth and gums, all by doing something incredibly simple...chewing

Please choose a size: 

  • Extra Small silicone (Mini Munchee) (with handle) - For ages approx. 5 and under
  • Mini Small silicone (with handle)  For ages approx. 6 - 9
  • Medium silicone (no handle) - For youth with 12 year molars up to adult female.
  • Large silicone (no handle) - 14 years to adult. Large teen males, adult males and females with broad skeletal structure. 

**No returns, refunds, or exchanges on these items**

More information about Handles

Children in the 2 to 5 years age group will use the appliance actively The handle is useful to ensure we get the appliance into the correct position in the child’s mouth. Once the child is accustomed to it you can cut the handle off if desired. The handle can also be helpful for those children with poor oral motor control and who have difficulty keeping the appliance in place in the mouth. e.g dribblers and mouth breathers as well as children with special needs.

Your order includes printed instructions on how to use a Myo Munchee with your child and a care guide.  

For more information please refer to the Myo Munchee official website. 


Daily chewing for as little as 10 mins is a simple and inexpensive part of preventative dental care and hygiene. To get maximum benefit and usage from your Munchee, simply follow the steps below:

Step 1: Rinse your Munchee off in fresh water
Step 2: Place the Munchee in your mouth with the small lip indent at the top
Step 3: Keep your lips together, both now and at all times while use, and breath through the nose 
Step 4: Chew and munch gently up and down and in a circular motion, swallow saliva as needed, but keep the lips together  
Step 5: Start by chewing for 1min, twice a day for 1 week
Step 6: Build daily by 1 min until you are able to chew twice a day for 10 mins. If a child is using the Munchee, make the time to sit together quietly with a book they love and help them understand the Munchee is here to help their teeth grow big, strong and healthy. Have them chew as you read, gradually increasing to 10mins twice a day.




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