Eyewitness Book: Horse

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Browsers will find this smorgasbord of equine facts fascinating. Each double-page spread contains a brief theme paragraph that describes the topic, along with captioned photos of horses, reproductions of the animal found in art and artifacts, and related equestrian gear. Subjects include history, anatomy, physiology, breeds, colors, and uses of horses, asses, mules, and zebras. In the hodgepodge of captions, a few errors surfaced: a spur is identified as a stirrup, a gelding described as a mare, a running martingale as a curb rein, a Kimberwicke bit as a bridoon, and a piaffe as a flying lead change. The British origin won't bother U. S. readers, as the information represents horses around the world. --Charlene Strickland, formerly at Albuquerque Public Library , NM

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