Painless Vocabulary


This brand-new addition to Barron's Painless series is focused to meet the needs of middle school and high school students. The author's friendly, informal narrative style takes the drudgery out of students‰Û_Ìã̫ vocabulary building, which is a prerequisite for their academic achievement and future success in college and beyond. Each of 24 chapters introduces 15 new words, first placing the words in a brief essay that allows students to comprehend them in a given context. Brain Tickler questions that follow challenge students and help them determine whether they have gained some mastery of word usage. Sidebars appear on many pages with titles such as Major Mistake Territory, alerting students to possible pitfalls and problems involving correct understanding of word meanings and normal usage. Each chapter concludes with an On Your Own section, which invites students to use the target vocabulary list within the context of their own everyday speech. Morbid. . . furtively . . . predecessor . . . infer . . . are typical examples of words students will learn to use with ease. The book vocabulary is neither too easy nor too arcane, focusing instead on words that students should have at their command in high-school and by the time they enter college.

From the Back Cover

Really. This isn't going to hurt at all . . .

If you think that developing a large vocabulary means dreary and painful memorizing of hundreds of words, this book has good news for you. You can develop the word power that will help you achieve high grades and enjoy yourself while you learn! Each of 20 chapters introduces 15 new words, first placing them in a brief, entertaining essay, and then discussing their meanings and the ways they can be used. Brain Tickler questions that follow challenge your skill at word definitions, and sidebars help you avoid vocabulary mistakes while you pick up interesting facts about word origins and usage. When you reach the end of this book you'll discover to your delight that your vocabulary has increased many times over‰Û_̨and your grades have also risen. Just as important, you'll discover that you've had fun learning!

For Middle School and High School Students

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