Sennheiser HD419 Headphones


Sound quality? Check. Comfortable? Check. Black-on-black? Check. The HD 419 is the perfect blend of sound and sleek style with a stealth color-scheme and bass enhanced acoustics. The 4 foot cable is the ideal length for use with pocketed media devices including smartphones, netbooks and tablets with audio outputs. Built-tough for versatile use, the HD 419 comes with Sennheiser's superlative 2-year warranty.

  • Closed design dampens ambient noise
  • Percussive, bass-enhanced sound delivers full-range acoustics with excitement-- without sounding bloated or unnatural
  • Low-impedance transducer system is ideal for use with portable media devices (tablets, MP3 players, smartphones, netbooks)
  • Can also be used for home hi-fi
  • Stealth all-black design
  • Plush, breathable ear cushions are replaceable and wearable for long listening sessions (part # 534440)
Frequency response: 20-20,000 Hz

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