Sound Health Premium: Peak Performance


Tempo: 90-150 beats per minute

Tap into the power of Mozart?s music to generate unparalleled productivity. Recorded using sophisticated High Definition audio technology, the early symphonies of Mozart embody a youthful exuberance that energizes the body, motivates the mind and uplifts the spirit. The result? A dynamic musical momentum that allows you to accomplish the most challenging mental and physical tasks with ease and enjoyment.

What makes Sound Health Premium Unique?

We?ve taken our Sound Health collection to a new level with high-resolution recordings that offer the highest audio quality available on compact disc. In addition to the advanced psychoacoustic techniques we use to produce our other Sound Health CDs, the "Premium" collection is recorded entirely at 24-bit/192kHz High Definition. This state-of-the-art technology provides you with the richest possible listening experience, while maximizing the efficacy and benefits of our music.

High Definition

High Definition (HD) recording offers a deeply fulfilling listening experience that closely recreates that of a live concert performance. Recording with this cutting-edge technology captures the greatest amount of musical information with the lowest possible levels of distortion. You?ll enjoy superb clarity in high frequencies, authentic timbre in low frequencies, precise definition of individual notes ? and unrivaled spatial details.

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