Sound Health Series - Complete 10 CD Set

$99.00 $159.50

The Sound Health Series is comprised of classical music CDs that have been re-arranged and re-orchestrated. Experts in understanding how classical music can be used to enhance mental and physical health created the series.

Besides providing an appropriate auditory environment in which children and adults can think, learn, rest, or sleep, the music also stimulates the brain through the broad spectrum of frequencies and the alternating simple/complex structure of the music.

The Sound Health Series - Complete 10 CD Set consists of the following titles:

  • Music for Concentration
  • Music for Learning
  • Music for Thinking
  • Music for Productivity
  • Music to Relax
  • Music to De-Stress
  • Music for Motivation
  • Music for Inspiration
  • Premium: Maximum Focus
  • Premium: Peak Performance

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