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Time-Scout Monitor provides a new way for concerned parents to manage and keep track of the time their children spend playing video games, watching television, and on the computer. The patent-pending Time-Scout Monitor easily, fairly, and consistently monitors and controls the amount of time a child spends using these types of electronic devices. With a simple, "no programming" approach to the problem, parents simply plug the video game player, TV, or computer monitor into Time-Scout and the plug Time-Scout into any standard household power outlet. Time-Scout does the rest by keeping track of each child's use. When the child's allotted time is up, Time-Scout shuts off power to the device. It becomes the "enforcer" instead of the parent, eliminating the begging, pleading, and battles over limiting electronic device use and lets parents control kids' time without having to be the "bad guy."

Time-Scout Monitor becomes the on/off control for power to the device. Simply by swiping cards like you do with a credit card, parent add or subtract time from each child's Time-Scout account. This can be done on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Parents can also override the allotted time for special occasions, or lock kids out of a device completely. Once accounts are set up, children then swipe their personal cards when they start playing, watching, or surfing while Time-Scout keeps track of their time. When finished, they swipe their card again and Time-Scout stops the clock, saves their remaining time in memory and shuts the power off to the device. As the child uses up their allotted time, Time-Scout gives warning beeps at the 15-, 5-, and 1-minute remaining marks, giving the child time to finish up a show or save a game. Each Time-Scout Monitor includes account cards for parents and up to four users. Additional sets of three cards can be purchased, supporting a total of ten different user accounts for each Time-Scout.

Time-Scout Monitor requires a standard household 120-volt outlet, and is FCC-approved.

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