Autism Spectrum - Exploring What Works - DVD

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NACD Parent Education DVD - The Autism Spectrum: Exploring What Works

Bring up the subject of autism to most people and words like hopeless, difficult, confusing, and untreatable come to mind. To the staff at the NACD, autism isn't an enormous black hole of mystery. They understand autism in a way that helps parents and caregivers realize that there is hope for their child.

Robert J. Doman, NACD's founder, offers parents answers about autism in this very informative DVD seminar. He talks openly about autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and how for over 30 years, NACD programs have helped hundreds of ASD children overcome their challenges.

This DVD will give viewers a clear understanding about:

  • NACD's history, and work with ASD children
  • Visual issues in ASD children (hyper and hypo peripheral vision)
  • Auditory issues (hyper and hypo auditory sensitivity)
  • Tactile sensitivities
  • The importance of improving Sequential Processing for over all functioning and progression
  • Why each NACD program is unique to each child and that cookie-cutter approaches don't work.
  • And much more . . .

This is an excellent first step for parents looking to fix what's broken with their children.

Parent quote:
I finally have answers about my son's behaviors. After nine years, I understand why my son loves letters and numbers. I understand more about his hyper sensitive hearing. I have more pieces to this puzzle and know that with the help of NACD, I'll actually be able to complete it. --Mother of a son on the autism spectrum

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