Guide to Learning Disabilities - CD

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NACD Parent Education - Guide to Learning Disabilities - CD Version
In a school setting, labels mean limits. For parents living with a child with learning disabilities, the perceived limits can be more overwhelming than the actual label. But there is good news; once the specific brain inefficiencies are identified, they can be treated and the problems eliminated.

For over 30 years, Robert J. Doman, Jr., NACD's founder, has worked with parents and their children to help them fix what's broken‚ and has changed their lives.

In this NACD Parent Education CD Guide to Learning Disabilities, he presents information that will help parents, caregivers, and education professionals understand that with the proper identification, and implementation of appropriate learning and developmental programs and activities, any labeled child can learn, progress, and have the same opportunities as anyone else.

This CD seminar will:

  • Discuss the myths of learning disabilities
  • Explain the different areas of processing (auditory, visual, tactile) in detail and their importance in learning.
  • Give parents the knowledge they need to make appropriate changes in their children's educational programs
  • Explain the importance of sequential processing in learning
  • And much more . . .

Since 1979, NACD has designed and supervised over 15 million hours of individual developmental and education intervention. NACD believes that if a child is struggling or not achieving their potential, the answer is not in lowering expectations, teaching the child to cope, counseling, or tutoring. The answer lies within each child.

This CD series is vital for parents that want to help their child reach their innate potential.

Set of 2 Audio Compact Discs

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