emwave desktop

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emwave desktop
Interactive learning system with patented heart rhythm monitor.

More than 15 years of research on the remarkable relationship between the heart, health, and performance went into creating emwavePC, a complete interactive learning system that helps you balance emotions, body, and mind. The emwavePC software program teaches the user how to intentionally shift to a positive emotional state and see how shifts in their heart rhythms create physiological responses. Stress will diminish and feelings of well-being and energy will increase. Users can see how emotions affect them and discover which emotions they can activate to effectively manage stress and boost vitality. Regular use of the emwavePC software gives you the practical tools ‰Û_ÌãÌ and the reinforcement ‰Û_ÌãÌ you need for bringing yourself into balance, even under the most stressful conditions. Progress is tracked through interactive games. For ages 6 and up.

IncludedWorks on either Mac and or PC systems

Works on either Mac and or PC systems

USB module with pulse sensor that attaches to your ear

Multiple views to watch your heart rhythms change as you move into a state of coherence and resilience

Interactive games to build and sustain coherence

Data storage showing coherence levels for session and history review

Four challenge levels to help you raise your baseline coherence levels

Coherence Coach tutorial


Online and Personal Customer Carr

Free weekly training calls for the beginner and advanced user

Lifetime customer support

Free webinars on stress, anxiety and personal well-being

One year limited warranty


Package Contents

Software CD for Mac and PC

USB module and pulse sensor

Owner's Manual

Practice Plan


System Requirements Mac

OS X v 10.5 or higher

1.0GHz or faster G4, G5 or Intel processor

CD or DVD Drive

One available USB Port

Internet Access Recommended


System Requirement PC

Windows XP SP3 or newer Operating System

1.OGHz or faster Processor


CD or DVD Drive

One available USB Port

Internet Access Recommended


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