Healthy Living for Special Needs


Healthy Living for Special Needs: Maximizing your child's health and developmental potential through nutritional therapy and a toxin free home


Healthy Living for Special Needs helps you maximize your child's health and developmental potential through nutritional therapy and a toxin free home. This guide is perfect for families who are affected by neurological conditions and syndromes such as Cerebral Palsy, Down, Autism, Rett, Fragile X, Angelman and many others. Excerpts from the Foreword: "As a doctor I fully recommend and support her ideas and encourage you to implement them as soon as you can, at every level, not just for your kid with special needs but for all your family members." "It is time for consumers to know the truth about what they put into their bodies and after reading this book, you will learn how many different components of our food supply contribute to or worsen some cases of mental disorders, behavioral problems and learning disabilities in your child. Not only do these ingredients create health problems, they also deplete your child, or anyone who eats them, of the body's already existing nutrients and minerals. This book will give you the opportunity to create a significant change in your child’s life and yours." "I applaud Isabel because in this book she provides a list of important supplements, recipes and home remedies such as natural herbs to use at home with your children. It all adds up to going back to basics. I highly recommend reading this book and guide to give your child with special needs a better opportunity to live a healthier and happier life." About the Author: Isabel Orellana de Chang is the busy mom of two who, since her son’s diagnosis of Angelman syndrome, has become passionate about learning all she can about healthy living. She applies nutritional therapies and keeps a toxin-free home to maximize her son’s health and developmental potential. She enjoys converting recipes to her family’s needs for maximum nutrition and healing. She loves doing research and sharing what has worked best for them as a family in order to help other special needs families. She juggles her time between her family, her business and her blog Isabel hosts the Facebook Group Angelman Syndrome & Alternative Health Approach supporting interested families in improving their Angels’ health and development.

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