Guide to Child Development and Education - Miracles of Child Development

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Guide to Child Development and Education - Miracles of Child Development

Parent Education Series

For anyone wanting to better understand how the brain really works in relation to development, learning, and function, this amazing audio series is essential. This seminar discusses learning, brain development, and over all function in relation to people of all abilities and ages (children or adults).

Robert J. Doman, Jr., NACD's founder, shares a wealth of information regarding how the human brain develops and how it relates to learning and overall function. He explains that learning does not stop with age. The plasticity of the brain allows for individuals with any type of learning challenges to overcome them with the proper activities and learning programs.

With over 30 years of experience working with families and children and over 15 million hours of individual developmental and education intervention, NACD's staff has seen amazing results.

This audio seminar and workbook:

  • Gives an excellent overview of NACD's history and purpose
  • Increases the listener's knowledge of brain development
  • Offers answers about learning difficulties and how to treat the problems
  • Provides straightforward solutions regarding teaching children, child management, and how to help children reach their innate potential
  • And much more . . .

This series is a "must-have" tool for parents that want to increase their base knowledge of child development and function and that want to truly help their children succeed.

Download Version - You will be provided with links to download audio files (MP3 format) of this audio set upon purchase along with a PDF workbook file.

CD Set Version - You will be shipped a 5-CD set of the seminar which includes a printed workbook and CD holder.


"Fascinating, Intriguing, Powerful, Wow!!!!! As an educator, preschool owner and mother of four, I kept wishing there was a rewind button. I thought of all the children that could have been 'saved.' All families could benefit from this research. Talk about the perfect 'Parent Manual.' This is it, the one that we all wish we received at the birth of our child." - Teacher, Texas


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