Typing Instructor - Platinum - (Windows)


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The New & Exciting Way to Improve Your Typing!

Typing Instructor Platinum is the new typing leader! This program uses the latest technology to provide an educational, entertaining, and motivating experience for beginners and intermediate - even advanced typists, with creative learning themes, fast moving, arcade-style games, and educational learning plans. Typists may learn in English or Spanish.

Educational Design Improves Speed & Accuracy! Proven
   techniques teach you how to type or quickly improve your
   typing skills.
Multi-Play, Multi-Level Games Entertain & Motivate!
   Challenging games motivate you to increase your skills to
   advance to the next level or post the high game score.
Entertaining Travel Themes Make Learning to Type Fun!
   Typing Instructor Platinum takes you out of the classroom on
   an entertaining adventure filled with fun and challenges.
20+ Award-Winning Typing Plans Personalize Learning!
   Choose from the suggested plan, 20 other typing plans, or
   design your own personal plan with lessons, tests, games,
   music, dictation, and more.
Exciting Rewards & Practice Activities Provide Motivation!
   Collect rewards, travel accomplishments, and fill your passport
   with stamps from all over the world, on your journey to
   become a touch-typist. Take a break at any time and visit the
   Practice Center for fun activities!


*Software is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, & 8. Not compatible with Mac OS.

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