Learning and Attention Issues - Exploring What Works - DVD

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NACD Parent Education DVD - Learning and Attention Issues: Exploring What Works

Parents of children with learning and attention problems know the frustration of trying to help their children rise above the limitations of the labels they are given such as Learning Disabled, ADD, ADHD, Mentally Challenged, dyslexic, and the like. NACD staff members don't work with labels; they work with each child as an individual. Through their innovative programs, each individually designed to meet the unique needs of the child. NACD staff and parents help these children fix what's broken and in the end, the children thrive.

This informative NACD DVD seminar, given by NACD's founder, Robert J. Doman, exposes the myths of learning and attention problems. He explains that there is no limit to what children can accomplish if the appropriate programs and activities are put in place.

This DVD will help parents understand:

  • NACD's history, and mission regarding helping children
  • What education should be by providing a child with the tools they need to reach their potential
  • The myth of age in relation to brain growth and maturity
  • How specific, appropriate input coupled with the correct intensity and duration help the brain to grow
  • The overall function of brain development
  • The importance of Sequential Processing
  • And much more . . .

This DVD will give parents answers they seek, empowering them to become more involved with their child's learning, development, and future.

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