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  • NACD Parent Education CD - Guide to Learning Disabilities
  • NACD Parent Education CD - Guide to the Parent Teacher
  • NACD Parent Education DVD - Learning and Attention Issues: Exploring What Works
  • Nutrition with Guest Dr. Julian Neil – CD Version 

In a school setting, labels mean limits. For parents living with a child with learning disabilities, the perceived limits can be more overwhelming than the actual label. But there is good news; once the specific brain inefficiencies are identified, they can be treated and the problems eliminated. 

For over 30 years, Robert J. Doman, Jr., NACD's founder, has worked with parents and their children to help them fix what's broken‚ and has changed their lives. 

In this NACD Parent Education CD Guide to Learning Disabilities, he presents information that will help parents, caregivers, and education professionals understand that with the proper identification, and implementation of appropriate learning and developmental programs and activities, any labeled child can learn, progress, and have the same opportunities as anyone else. 

This CD seminar will:

  • Discuss the myths of learning disabilities
  • Explain the different areas of processing (auditory, visual, tactile) in detail and their importance in learning.
  • Give parents the knowledge they need to make appropriate changes in their children‚Äôs educational programs
  • Explain the importance of sequential processing in learning
  • And much more . . .

Since 1979, NACD has designed and supervised over 15 million hours of individual developmental and education intervention. NACD believes that if a child is struggling or not achieving their potential, the answer is not in lowering expectations, teaching the child to cope, counseling, or tutoring. The answer lies within each child. 

This CD series is vital for parents that want to help their child reach their innate potential. 

Set of 2 Audio Compact Discs



NACD Parent Education CD - Guide to the Parent Teacher

Often times, parents feel inadequate when it comes to teaching their children. They believe that only experts are able to provide education. On the contrary, parents are the experts when it comes to their children and they are the only people that can provide a truly unique and appropriate learning environment for their children in their home.

This CD addresses creating effective education program strategies for parents with children of all ages and abilities. 

NACD's founder, Robert J. Doman, Jr., empowers parents to assume the responsibility of cultivating a love of learning in their children. He brings over 30 years of experience creating developmental and educational programs and working with children and families to this CD seminar. 

This NACD parent education CD will explain:

  • Child development and general brain development
  • The reason for appropriate intensity, frequency, and duration in a learning environment
  • The need for an overall positive home environment
  • Why structure helps the parent when implementing a home education program
  • Sequential Processing
  • And much more. . .

NACD is committed to helping children regardless of their challenges, permanently change their learning ability and overall development and function in order for them to truly achieve their innate potential. 

This CD seminar is an exceptional tool for parents looking to begin, improve, or enhance their children's current educational program (home or school). 

One Audio Compact Disc



NACD Parent Education DVD - Learning and Attention Issues: Exploring What Works

Parents of children with learning and attention problems know the frustration of trying to help their children rise above the limitations of the labels they are given such as Learning Disabled, ADD, ADHD, Mentally Challenged, dyslexic, and the like. NACD staff members don't work with labels; they work with each child as an individual. Through their innovative programs, each individually designed to meet the unique needs of the child. NACD staff and parents help these children fix what's broken and in the end, the children thrive.

This informative NACD DVD seminar, given by NACD's founder, Robert J. Doman, exposes the myths of learning and attention problems. He explains that there is no limit to what children can accomplish if the appropriate programs and activities are put in place.

This DVD will help parents understand:

  • NACD's history, and mission regarding helping children
  • What education should be by providing a child with the tools they need to reach their potential
  • The myth of age in relation to brain growth and maturity
  • How specific, appropriate input coupled with the correct intensity and duration help the brain to grow
  • The overall function of brain development
  • The importance of Sequential Processing
  • And much more . . .

This DVD will give parents answers they seek, empowering them to become more involved with their child's learning, development, and future.


Nutrition with Guest Dr. Julian Neil - CD Version

If you missed any of the phone seminars or just want a copy to review or share with friends and family, they are now available. The CDs contain opening commentary followed by a question and answer session. These unique CDs are full of wonderful and valuable information on each particular topic discussed.

Due to the number of people participating in the phone seminars there can be considerable background noise on these CDs during the question and answer segment. The opening segment is free of interference. We have done our best to minimize the noise so that they will be enjoyable and easy to listen to.


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